Exhibited at Viva Technolgy at Japan Booth

FutuRocket was selected one of the eight companies to exhibit at Japan booth by JETRO at Viva Technology 2018 in Paris on May 24th and 25th. 
FutuRocket社はジェトロによるパリのViva Technology展示会でのジャパン・ブース出展の8社の1社に選ばれ、5月24日と25日に展示を行いました。

We also had made a pitch at City Hub booth.
またViva TechnologyのCity Hubブースにてジャパン・ブース出展者によるピッチも行いました。

CEO of FutuRocket, Hiroumi will make event reports at Ascii.jp. He will also be a speaker for couple events to report this exhibition for Japanese startup and tech industry people.

【FrenchTech公認】VIVA TECHNOLOGY2018 報告会